TV & Theater Install


We ask the right questions

 We listen to your needs to determine what you are looking for in terms of performance, how you will use it, your hopes and dreams for the space, and how much you want to spend on it. Then we will carefully craft a proposal which meets your needs hand in glove and never sell you more or less than you need.  


We have the best installation

 Even the best equipment available on the market can’t fulfill its capabilities unless it is installed and integrated into an overall system correctly.  We’ve fixed this time and time again- great equipment, poor integration.  We will work until the performance of your home theater or media room equipment functions to the exact measure we promised it would. 


Home Theater

 An advanced custom home theater system or media center is more than just a big screen TV and speakers . A true home cinema experience incorporates architecture, interior design, lighting, acoustics, comfortable seating, precision audio as well as media storage with on-demand access.