Home Networking & WIFI


Networking Theory

As the amount of devices you have connected to your network increases and services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify tie up your bandwidth, you have probably experienced network frustrations. Maybe you or your family cannot connect to the internet in certain rooms, or you can not print your work document on your wireless printer. Maybe you cannot watch Netflix in your theater because your family is taking all the bandwidth or you have to constantly switch networks. 

Wave Home Technologies will make sure you get all the performance that you are already currently paying for. Whether you use Comcast, WOW, AT&T, or just a about anything else we  maximize your performance using our experience in products, system design, and installation. 

Jenn and the team will design and install the right solutions for you. We will come out to your home, talk to you about your trouble spots, and help you come up with a solution. 

Whether we hardwire certain products, incorporate a mesh network, or get you wireless access points we will design a solution to give your home the unique coverage it needs. Contract us today to make your Wi-Fi experience better.