Outdoor Living

Turn your Backyard into an Oasis


Sunbrite offers sleek modern designed tvs built to be outside year around. Various models varying between 4K HDR to the position it sits relative to the amount of sun light it sees.  They have tv's for full shaded patios, partial sunlight tvs like under a Pergola as well as full sun anti glare tv's



Sunbrite TVs have anti-glare screens with up to three times the brightness of typical indoor televisions, offering a prime viewing experience in the indirect sunlight and the high-ambient light conditions often encountered outdoors. 

Modern Design


Thin sleek bezel, with multiple mounting options, Sunbrite is perfect for any outdoor space.

A True Outdoor TV

SubBrite TV's are completely weatherproof, Whether it is Heat, Cold, Rain, or Snow Sunbrite TV's are built to withstand it all.

Completely Sealed Watertight Housing


 Made for permanent outdoor installation, the elements have nothing on the durability of this TV. Outdoor safe, water resistant, and resilient ¬– the powder-coated aluminum exterior protects against rust while shielding the internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, and humidity

Built in mini heaters and fans


 A temperature regulation system allows Signature series TVs to operate efficiently in extremely low- and high-temperature environments (-24°F up to 122°F). (Storage temperature ranges from -24°F to 140°F) .

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